• Partnered

    Porcelain, Glaze, Gold Luster, Conductive Paint, Cake, Icing, White Chocolate, Battery-Powered Mechanisms, Vitrines, 24" x 12" x 11", 2013 

    Partnered (Mechanisms of A Measured Demise) unites the mechanical, the edible, and the utilitarian. Two 6-inch vitrines sit on a wall-mounted shelf. Cube One displays an elaborate miniature cake atop a porcelain cake-stand which lazily rotates by hidden motor. A mechanized porcelain blade gradually gouges and excavates the revolving cake; a lovely mass of icing and crumbs litters the cube’s interior. The measured demise of the petite dessert is at once torturous, indulgent, and poetic. Within Cube Two, a small porcelain platter adorned with painted circuitry holds a white chocolate anchor. The electrically-powered circuit generates heat within the porcelain. The slow-melting anchor gradually floods the cube with its sweet viscosity; the circuitry becomes concealed, the foundation engulfed.  The porcelain platter - a utilitarian instrument of display - becomes destructive and, ultimately, consumed.